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holistic wELLBEING




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My E3 Health is a holistic approach to achieving wellbeing in your body, soul & spirit, by focusing on your eating, exercising and emotional habits, and your energy, eternital and emotional health.

At My E3 Health, we are not about the latest diet or exercise plan, but about being INTENTIONAL & CONSISTENT to create a healthy lifestyle. You will grow with individualised & attainable goals, accountability, & learning to make your mind your friend.

Use the Journal on it's own, or in the Start Up Pack (other resources included), or alongside My E3 Health Coaching.



benefit the my e3 health journal:

At My E3 Health, we believe that developing healthy habits in your emotional health, not just healthy eating and regular exercise, will create more effective and longer-lasting success. Journaling as a regular activity is an essential key to this. The Journal is a tool to equip and empower you to take responsibility answer change the things you have always wanted to. 

The journal enables you to be intentional and consistent, while supporting yourself emotionally in the journal. 

The Journal includes: 

  • LONG TERM GOALS - Record your long-term goals, and the steps you need to take to reach them.

  • WEEKLY GOALS - What healthy habits do you want to create and what bad one's do you want to rid of? Set weekly achievable goals (small steps) towards better health.

  • FOOD DIARY/PLANNER - Research shows doing this contributes to more success in your eating and weight-loss goals.

  • EMOTIONAL JOURNALLING - Write your story using our prompt questions to understand your emotional health.

  • CHANGE MOTIVATORS - Hope building statements that help you make positive choices. Advice written and compiled by My E3 Health founder & coach, Grace Burton, is filled throughout the Journal providing wisdom and keys to help you activate change.


start up pack 

a great place to start

  • JOURNAL with your choice of cover

  • COACHING VIDEO 30-min (approx) video and other written resources to lead you through your wellbeing assessment and personal goal setting.

The Start Up Pack motivates you to be INTENTIONAL and CONSISTENT, while supporting yourself emotionally in The Journal. 

You will identify the sabotages to your success, understand will power and learn to develop it, while tracking personal goals daily.

You will learn the power you have to make changes by understanding your brain's activity. You will be shown the process to build healthy habits and break down toxic habits and learn the benefit of journaling. You will then be lead through our emotional journalling process where you work on self awareness, find silent rules, and replace them.  



BEST VALUE! start up pack included

  • JOURNAL with your choice of cover

  • START UP PACK including a coaching video and notes

  • FIVE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS with our Wellbeing Coach. You will work through a workbook and come to understand how you operate at a deep non-conscious level. With that understanding, you will be empowered to change moods and emotions, the way you think about yourself, they way you relate to others, and the things you accomplish.

Discover who you are; whats the foundation of your thinking, moods, emotions and reactions?  And what is the framework that makes up you?  Learn your emotional needs, core beliefs, feelings that you are allergic to, your self protection toolbox and much more.