Grace Burton

My E3 Health Founder and Wellbeing Coach

Christian Life Coach

I have a heart for woman in leadership, and those who are carry responsibility. I understand giving out and holding it together for everyone else; the emotional and physical energy and spiritual focus it takes. I bring my skill as a counsellor, and many years of experience in leadership into coaching.

One of my top gifts is empathy; everyone needs to be listened to, and empathised with, nurtured from time to time. I am a safe person with whom you can debrief life and process feelings, thoughts and decisions.

My top motivational spiritual gift is exhortation - I love to open a women’s eyes to their own value and moment of excellence.  I love to motivate, help find a solution, I am intrigued with the quality of each person and how strengths and weaknesses are working out in their lives.

I will walk alongside each girl with spiritual integrity (the Word of God is foundational)  I want to be there for each individual woman; I am not aiming to mentor for a particular role or position.  My goal is the wellbeing of each women - body, soul and spirit - so they can reach their potential and have longevity in their calling.

My husband and I have been in ministry now for 37 years, and had a variety of different ministry situations over these years.

I am mother to 4 amazing children and grandmother to 6 of the most special people.

Founder and Coach of MyE3Health